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We have always focused on selecting and refurbishing only the PCs that meet our standards of efficiency, durability, and stability to offer our customers the best at a competitive price. We believe it is our duty to extend the life of technological tools as much as possible, and from this commitment, our e-commerce site, GoRefurbed, was born!

By shopping online, you’ll enjoy the convenience of shopping from your home while also benefiting from the support of a physical store, thanks to the IT assistance offered by BrianzaTech.


We mainly refurbish former business PCs because of the great value these devices can still offer to both private and business users.


We format and install the operating system and all the basic software that users may need at our laboratory.


Extending the life of items such as computers significantly contributes to reducing the accumulation of waste on Earth.


Buying a refurbished computer can offer you significant savings, with average reductions of about 50% compared to its original value.