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Managed Service Provider MSP

BrianzaTech stands out as a reliable MSP, or Managed Service Provider, offering customized solutions to meet the IT needs of businesses. Our proactive, customer-focused approach allows company employees to concentrate on their daily tasks while we handle the management and optimization of their IT systems.

We offer a wide range of services, including continuous monitoring, preventive maintenance, advanced cybersecurity, and prompt technical support.

With BrianzaTech, clients can enjoy seamless IT management, reduced operational costs, and, most importantly, the peace of mind that comes from partnering with industry experts

Our Offer

BrianzaTech MSP Services

consulenza it

IT Consulting

Our IT consulting is based on an in-depth analysis of business needs. We design tailored technological solutions (CRM, etc.), providing strategic advice to optimize operational efficiency and drive growth.

supporto it

IT Support

Our IT support team is always ready to step in, offering remote or on-site assistance to promptly resolve technological challenges. We ensure a quick response and effective solutions to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

monitoring dell'infrastruttura informatica


Our constant monitoring service ensures the health and performance of IT environments. We proactively detect anomalies, minimizing downtime risks and ensuring optimal functioning of technological infrastructures.

disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery planning is proactive and aimed at ensuring operational continuity in the event of unexpected incidents. With well-defined procedures, we help businesses recover quickly from emergencies, minimizing negative impacts.

reti informatiche aziendali


We design and manage efficient and secure corporate networks, providing reliable connectivity for seamless communication. Our expertise in network management helps optimize performance and ensure stable connectivity.

security sicurezza privacy


Data security is a top priority. We implement advanced cybersecurity solutions to protect businesses from internal and external threats, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

web hosting

Web Hosting

With our reliable and scalable web hosting services, businesses can ensure an uninterrupted online experience. We offer high-performance servers, advanced security, and continuous support to ensure worry-free online visibility.

email hosting

Email Hosting

Secure and efficient management of corporate communications is essential. Our email hosting service offers robust solutions, guaranteeing the protection of sensitive information and operational continuity through a highly reliable email platform.

data backup, salvataggio dati

Data Backup

We offer reliable backup solutions to protect critical data. Our approach ensures the availability of up-to-date backups and the ability to quickly restore information in case of loss or damage.

a norma gdpr, gdor compliance

GDPR Compliance

We ensure GDPR compliance by protecting personal data with effective technical and organizational measures. We guarantee transparency in data processing, obtain informed consents, and manage data subject requests. Our expertise ensures compliance with European privacy regulations through audits, training, and continuous updates.

In an increasingly digitalized world, our mission is to guide businesses towards success by providing advanced technological solutions, enabling them to face future challenges with confidence and trust.